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ForestX Comment

The conclusion of COP26 in Glasgow has delivered yet another result that some will dismiss as the product of just another talk fest. While others attempt to make as much mileage as possible from the fact, they did achieve an agreement to reduce fossil fuel burning, i.e., coal. However, given the number of years these future defining meetings have been held, in Copenhagen, Paris and now Glasgow, there isn't very much at all in the clear and directional result basket.

One might give thanks to the Devine on high that politicians do not run our farms. There would be endless arguments on power based sticking points while the food supply literally dried up.

This of course brings us to the importance of our farmers having a clear and concise understanding of their own way ahead. There is no doubt whatsoever that farming blended with forestry is to be a major player in reversing the destructive global trend of greenhouse gases. As mentioned in this column previously we have never been here before, making it vital we push aside the uninformed criticism of farmers and farming, and past ventures that did not quite live up to expectation. There is an irony here, for whether the farmer bashers like it or not, to a very large degree, their own future and wellbeing is now in the hands of those they have delighted in passing judgement upon.

There is, however, much discussion on productivity verses compliance. The fear being loss of production thereby profit. Reduction of stock numbers would hopefully be aligned with reduction of input costs. The equations are not a one size fits all, making detailed consultation with qualified specialists vital as it may, in the case of forestry, lead to reduction of costs while actually increasing income.

There could very well be a silver lining here.