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I watched Country Calendar last week, as many of us do, for it must be one of the most popular and enduring programmes on the quality content starved television networks.

Of course, this programme benefits enormously by the visually stunning countryside that is New Zealand. It is obvious the camera lens loves New Zealand. I do however also believe there is a common thread running through the people featured, contributing greatly to the programme's appeal. That thread must surely be their attitude and willingness to look outside the square, apply some good old common sense to diversification, expansion or change of use strategies, and simply give it a go. It appeals to our sense of individualism. It also highlights the need to use this ability and start asking the hard questions. Where are the opportunities? Am I missing anything? Where do I go for guidance? If we don't ask these questions we will be left at the starting gate.

There is a myriad of facts and figures available. There are numbers galore that show trends, good and not so good, along with a considerable amount of crystal ball gazing. There are

reams and reams of writings pointing to the delays and failures of our immediate past, and that's all fine. However, none of it changes where we are now. There is no doubt we are all on a new journey. We have never been here before. It is now even more important to heed the words of a very old saying, 'If you're starting a long journey, make sure your first step is in the right direction'.

Forestry, as we all know will play a huge part in rectifying all this, despite any apprehensions anyone may have. To provide much needed timber alongside the ability to absorb and store carbon is unique. On top of all that, with the right advice, it's very possible farming operations can become more profitable, but as we have indicated earlier, one size does not fit all. Your farm is unique, as your environmental plan should be.

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